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Strategic Planning Services

Strategic planning Provides a clear vision of the company’s future, measurable success indicators, proactive growth opportunities, and clarity about how each employee’s work aligns with the company’s strategies.

strategic planning is the backbone of every successful organization

It is designed for businesses seeking clarity about their future and those undergoing growth or transformational change. Often, companies take on multiple tasks, but the real question is, how do these activities contribute to the business’ overall objectives? 

Strategic planning provides answers to these questions. It is also like a map for your business, knowing where you are, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there.

Strategic Planning Services Overview

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Facilitation & Courses

Our Strategic Planning courses cover the essentials of strategic planning, the creation of a strategy, and its communication to ensure alignment and understanding. By hiring us, we will first connect with you to understand your business, current projects, and related processes and tools. Consequently, we will jointly plan potential employee learning opportunities and how we can support you in implementing and improving strategic planning.

Courses Adapted for Your Business

Our teaching and facilitation services are adaptable to any scale of learning, ranging from an hour-long session to a series of days. 


Meet Amanda Dahl

Amanda’s approach centers on facilitating an authentic and collaborative environment, where clients can express their unique ways of doing business while she layers her skills into their preferred methods. The thrill of teaching something new, seeing clients inspired, and then watching them achieve success through the changes they implement is truly rewarding for Amanda.

In her capacity as a consultant, she cherish the diversity of clients and the opportunity this presents. The varied people, thought processes, and approaches she encounters each day enriches her experience and contributes to collective success.

For Amanda, this diversity is far more stimulating and rewarding than working in a single business environment. It is these elements that fuel her passion and dedication to Boost Consulting and its mission.

A Strategy for Success

Boost Consulting has managed the development and execution of annual corporate and business unit planning processes across organizations, including vision and mission statements, SMART goals and objectives, and relevant KPIs.

We’ve also facilitated numerous Strategic Planning courses for clients in multiple industries. 

Let Boost Consulting help you create a strategic plan that drives your business towards success.

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