Welcome to Boost Consulting’s 

Operational Excellence Services

designed specifically for organizations or businesses who are trying to improve the way they do work for enhanced business and people successes

Need to get your ‘house in order’ to Scale or Pivot?

We’ll improve your operational processes to successfully reduce frustrations, increase value-add effort, reduce operational costs, scale/grow, and make change.

Documenting and communicating your current-state processes are key to an improved future state. 

Are you unsure what the bottlenecks and barriers to success are?

We’ll facilitate an environment for you and your employees to deliberately and accurately define problems, dig into the root of why they happen, and brainstorm together potential, realistic solutions in a neutral environment.

Are you looking to ‘sustain the gains’?

It is far too common to make change in operations only to have the benefits never fully realized.

We offer follow-up plans and tools to support people through change and allow for consistent execution and understanding across your business, for continued success in the near- and long-term.

Operational Excellence Services Overview

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Operational Excellence Service Options

01 Consulting

Our zone of genius is to consult on implementation and sustainment - while you do the work. We advise and help boost your employees' knowledge and skills.

02 Facilitation

We'll design and deliver remote, hybrid, and in-person speaking engagements and teaching opportunities - to enhance learning and empower employees

Contract Services

Are you looking for a short-term solution? We manage contractual services to provide you with process improvement work for those times when you are short on resources.


Meet Amanda Dahl

Amanda’s approach centers on facilitating an authentic and collaborative environment, where clients can express their unique ways of doing business while she layers her skills into their preferred methods. The thrill of teaching something new, seeing clients inspired, and then watching them achieve success through the changes they implement is truly rewarding for Amanda.

In her capacity as a consultant, she cherish the diversity of clients and the opportunity this presents. The varied people, thought processes, and approaches she encounters each day enriches her experience and contributes to collective success.

For Amanda, this diversity is far more stimulating and rewarding than working in a single business environment. It is these elements that fuel her passion and dedication to Boost Consulting and its mission.

How Your Organization will Benefit From

Operational Excellence Services

Achieving perfection is impossible but working toward excellence is possible.

We can become better at the way we do work by improving our processes or the way we do work.

Incremental process improvement is possible and can be done in a way that works with the resources you have. 


Consultation Services

for any number and type of processes

Our Operational Excellence service begins by examining your current state of processes to determine what’s working and not working in relation to how you Do Work.

We identify waste – what’s slowing down process flow and creating inefficiencies in your business.

Once identified, we can find solutions so that efficiencies are created through reduced waste and increased consistency so that your organization is more efficient at delivering what your customers/clients want.

Together we’ll reduce your workloads, develop new mindsets about how to Do Work better, which will empower employees to continue with process improvement work themselves.



Empowering Your People & Your Culture


If you’re looking to enhance your organization’s knowledge, we offer teaching and facilitation services for any scale of learning, from one hour to a series of days.



Speaking Engagements

Engaging and informative speaking services for businesses and organizations looking to improve their business culture and leadership style. 

Our speaking engagements are designed to motivate and inspire your team or students to achieve operational goals and drive your organization towards success.

Boost Consulting provides courses on Operational Excellence to train employees and teams before beginning new work (facilitate), advice on how to go about process improvement (consultation), or does some of the work for you and/or with your employees (Short-term contract).

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation to Discuss the Right Service for Your Business.


Contractual Work

Short-term support for when your resources are limited

Boost Consulting has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Our expertise lies in improving operational processes to achieve significant cost reduction and avoidance, driving efficiency and profitability.

We understand that every business is unique, which is why we provide short term contractual services for small and growing businesses.

Our customized approach ensures that our solutions align with your specific needs and goals, delivering tangible results that make a real difference to your bottom line.

Are you looking to create efficiencies
and BOOST your Organization?

We are committed to helping your organization succeed with the latest industry standards in Operational Excellence. Let us help you achieve your goals and take your business to the next level.

Partner with us as your Operational Excellence service provider and unlock the full potential of your organization. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve operational excellence and drive sustainable growth.


BOOST Your Business

Working with BOOST Consulting will better connect you to your processes and people to best understand your business and its trajectory for success.

Depending on your business goals, we’ll plan for potential employee learning opportunities, or maybe we’ll support you with implementation and sustainment of improved operational excellence practices.

So whether you’re just starting out or are looking to level up your operations or culture, Boost Consulting is here to support you on your journey.

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