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embracing change can be challenging for many. Whether your business is implementing strategic shifts, minor upgrades, or any change on any scale, our Change Management services are tailored to support you through these transitions. 

Supporting Your Organization through change

Facilitation / Courses

When you hire us for Change Management, our first step is to connect with you to gain a deep understanding of why formally supporting people through change enhances success and how that aligns with your employees and business. Post this, we collaborate with you to plan for potential employee learning opportunities, and provide support with the implementation and sustainment of improved change management.

Through our Change Management courses, we empower your team with a comprehensive understanding of what Change Management is about, its immense value, various models and tools that can be employed, and practical, hands-on activities that bring these theories to life through case studies.

Change Management Services Overview

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Change can be a challenge

We understand that change can often feel daunting and is typically met with resistance due to fear of the unknown.

However, our structured Change Management approach, fortified with proven methods, models, and tools, demystifies change, fosters understanding, and facilitates inclusive participation.

This process significantly reduces resistance, enhances support, and ensures that changes are received more positively, leading to increased business success, potentially in a shorter time frame.

Furthermore, we help in ensuring that these changes are sustained over time, preventing a reversion to old ways.

Our Expertise In This Domain

Is Backed By our industry Prosci Certified Change Practitioner Certification and our extensive experience incorporating Change Management into Project Management roles.

We have developed and delivered Change Management modules for executive learning institutions and have facilitated numerous Change Management courses for various businesses.

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Meet Amanda Dahl

Amanda’s approach centers on facilitating an authentic and collaborative environment, where clients can express their unique ways of doing business while she layers her skills into their preferred methods. The thrill of teaching something new, seeing clients inspired, and then watching them achieve success through the changes they implement is truly rewarding for Amanda.

In her capacity as a consultant, she cherish the diversity of clients and the opportunity this presents. The varied people, thought processes, and approaches she encounters each day enriches her experience and contributes to collective success.

For Amanda, this diversity is far more stimulating and rewarding than working in a single business environment. It is these elements that fuel her passion and dedication to Boost Consulting and its mission.

Boost Consulting also facilitates Change Management speaking engagements for technical industry professionals.

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